The canias ERP Document Management (DOC) module manages a multitude of documents that occur during daily business processes and enables them to be used much effectively.

Document Management (DOC) with canias ERP
The purpose of the module is to record centrally all digital documents produced within the company. In addition to one-t ime archiving in a uniform system, indexing and relating to other documents are among the basic functions of the canias ERP Document Management module.

The requirement to provide relevant official and legal groups (e.g. tax inspectors) the number of documents to be managed and the company data in the electronic format stipulated makes it extremely important to connect document management systems to the company software. Full integration of the canias ERP Document Management (DOC) module with the general system and its connection to other function fields are shown in the graphic.

Archiving Internal Documents
Sales and distribution documents and purchase documents are automatically recorded as a document within the canias ERP Document Management (DOC) module once they are created. This can be managed whenever desired (also from other function fields in the system). Thereby, for example, due to the existing connection with the Financial Accounting module, it is possible to access a vendor invoice that was recorded and scanned during verification.

Archiving External Documents
Any external file that has the required format can be recorded in the current folder structure.

Creating a Folder for Documents
Index creation (indexing) function in the canias ERP Document Management (DOC) module helps to arrange document based company processes and guarantees to re-access documents in the manner legally stipulated.

Revision-Proof Archiving
With the help of the interface added to the business partner software, it is possible to archive documents with revision protection or in accordance with legal requirements. Furthermore, in the canias ERP Document Management (DOC) module, revision is supported with change index and history creation date.

Efficient Document Management
Since more than one documents are generally created for a commercial transaction, these are assigned to the relevant subject and kept in a document folder in the canias ERP Document Management (DOC) module. Here, it is not important whether the document is external or internal or whatever its format is. This kind of assignment is closely related to execution of project works. In addition to creating a complete documentation, it enables to access relevant document swiftly every time.

Documents kept safely against unauthorizedaccess (like all folders) can be grouped and the user is offered the opportunity to perform a structured comprehensive work. Furthermore, attached documents can be assigned a password and where necessary (e.g. change, delete, view), password is asked to conduct the action. Relating internal documents according to cause of creation (e.g. with customer or vendor master data) and keeping them automatically inside folders created for them guarantees higher transparency. Notes and other documents can be added to archived documents. Documents may later be sent via e-mail, faxed, printed or saved in other data environments. In the entire canias ERP system, there is flexible user authorization logic for the management of documents. Thus, different users may be granted different authorities for view, add and change actions.

All data archived in the Document Management (DOC) module and linked to a customer can be retrieved in the canias ERP Customer Relationship Management module and used for sales or marketing purposes. Therefore, for example, HTML templates or the documents in the canias ERP Document Management (DOC) module can be used for sending e-mail. To this end, there is a pool of templates that are filled with dynamic parameters for sending e-mail and that enable to provide a standard company view.

Advantages of Integration
Central archiving of documents that occur throughout the value chain has now become a part of daily routine. Similarly, document management fully integrated to the general ERP solution plays a central role for consistent storage of data and optimization of information processes. The fact that the document management system is perfectly linked eliminates the necessity to create expensive interfaces and to link documents to external systems. Therefore, interruptions in communication/information are prevented, data quality and transparency increases and workflows speed up.



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