Providing Solutions Today that are Necessary Tomorrow. Our one of a kind software technologgy and flexibility enables this.


Your Success and Advantage
IAS works continuously with customer’s on optimization and saving potentials, always keeping in mind practicability and effectiveness. Furthermore, IAS ensures success through a tailored project management
methodology as well as expert guidance during the whole project cycle.

Software Architecture
An almost limitless fl exibility in the layout and composition of business processes is attributable to the unique selling point of the open, object-oriented system architecture. This allows not only task management over corporate boundaries, but also a comfortable integration with third-party systems and a cross-system data exchange.
The infrastructure from canias ERP includes:



TROIA Development Environment
Constant market transformation is one of the challenge for companies to quickly adapt their IT-landscape to archive organizational goals. With the help of TROIA development environment, IAS has developed a tool that can promptly adjust to customer needs without restricting release capability. This database driven development tool will be delivered to every customer who signed maintenance contract so that direct access to the source code of the canias ERP application will be possible. This gives the customer the ability to set up the System exactly as they wish.
The canias ERP application has its own runtime environment for its TROIA programming language, based on top of Java runtime environment. Thus, in case of an eventual change, it is suffi cient to adapt only the intervening interpreter to the runtime environment, rather than changing the entire source code. This innovative technique is the core of the system‘s high fl exibility, scalability and independence, and another special feature that is still unmatched in the market.


1// Product inquiry by e-mail
2// Profile created in CRM
3// Offer made to prospective buyer  
4//  Product confi guration  
5// Product calculation 
6// Date of delivery estimate (ATP/CTP)
7//  Corfi rm offer per approval process
8// Offer sent by e-mail to buyer
9// Offer archived with revision security in DMS
10// Converting offer into order
11// Running MRP
12// Generation of purchase requistions for purchase materials and planned orders for manufacturing products 
13// Converting purchase requisition to purchase order
14// Goods receipt to order
15// Quality control of purchased materials
16// Converting plan order to production order
17// Capacity planning and staff planning
18// Quality control of endproduct
19// Order picking and palletizing
20// Packaging and labeling
21// Delivery and transport documents
22// Delivery/distribution to customer
23// Submission to financial accounting 
24// Muhasebeleştirme
25// Receipt of payment and invoice matching
26// Post Calculation

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