Human Resources Policy

As a company that continues to grow every year, we are aware that the success of the IAS is directly linked to our employees' core and functional competencies, their expertise and motivations at work.

Our mission as IAS Human Resources Department is;
• To our company, to bring people who have high educational level, open to innovation and change, entrepreneurial, dynamic, result oriented and who aim to develop themselves and work,
• To provide a peaceful and professional working environment for the employees, who are the most important assets of the company, to develop themselves in both individual and professional sense,
• To support the continuous improvement of each employee,
• Increasing employee motivation and having results and performance-focused teams.

Common features that we look for in all our employees who want to partner in the success of IAS:

• Creating Value
We view our customers' products and services that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their business processes or the ways in which we can create value within our own initiatives that increase productivity and reduce our costs.
• Making a Difference
Our employees will make a difference between us and our competitors and the knowledge, skills and competencies they possess and develop in IAS. Especially in the candidates who are new graduates, we definitely prefer graduated students who have a very good educational background. Apart from the in-service training we offer, we encourage all our employees to participate in trainings that support personal development within the IAS. We direct our employees to support IAS in their operations in other countries and support for foreign languages.
• Being Flexible
Our employees should be able to move quickly (to be able to mobilize) in a very short period of time, be able to work at home or abroad, take part in team work and be synergistic partners to create different competencies.
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